About CED3 Tech

CED3 Technology Consulting is all about helping people integrate technology into their daily lives. We are general technology consultants that can assist you in a ever-widening array of technologies and devices spanning all possible personal and professional functions. If it uses electricity, we can help. We generally offer insight and advice into changes that can be implemented into a customer’s daily life with readily available technologies, and we do this with a critical eye towards efficiency and the final cost or savings to the customer. It’s easy to advise people to buy expensive new technologies, but our challenge and focus is on offering services only when it significantly improves the customer’s life and/or when the proper implementation of a device or service pays for itself.

What we aren’t going to do in any circumstance is advise towards inefficient usages of monies for devices or services. We only want to increase efficiency and show people how to do things smarter. We are confident in our ability to find areas in any customer’s life to increase the efficiency of the deployment of their resources and essentially pay for ourselves and then some. Truthfully, this is the only type of service we will offer. If it can be done smarter with someone else, i.e. saving you money or delivering a better individual solution, we’ll tell you so.

We know that the services we provide can offer anyone, from home users and their smartphones or computers, small business users and their office IT, to corporations and their internet/communications/IT infrastructure. With some input towards what you want to accomplish, we can come together and find you the most intelligent solutions possible. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.


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